Never assume that the world rotates around you. There are many people out there in the new country who assume the opposite.

Meet Yana, an HR professional with a very rich history of well-known companies she worked for, and interesting geographies her adventurous attitude to life and work has taken her to.

She started in a Japanese company in Moscow, Russia, and then moved on to a big multinational. At some point, led by her husband’s enthusiasm for new places and the nature of her work (international mobility) she thought to try the mobility first hand herself. She was successfully recruited by a well known international industrial company in Luxemburg, and this is where her adventures began. She later moved yet for another job, in a well-known insurance company in Zurich, and recently the whole family moved to Canada to settle, where Yana immediately found a contract with another international insurance group. Her daughter started school in German (rather Swiss German) in Zurich, and now is swiftly switching into English and is already picking up French. We talk with Yana whether her adaptations to the new countries and jobs were as swift. Continue reading