There is a Possibler in every single one of us!

I knew this phrase is going to start my blog for Coaching East West, when I heard it over this weekend at the celebration dedicated to the 35 years of business of a very successful event agency – @drpGroup.

35 years ago a young man, Dale Palmenter, decided to become an entrepreneur, he started by making films with his own camera. Today he employs 172 people and heads one of the most successful event agencies in the UK.

On a different occasion this phrase could have sounded cheesy to me, but not with drp Group. I have been their client and I know what they mean by it. All of their staff are infected with the #Possibler virus. And it does look like it is contagious. I definitely think so. And I believe that the time to start my blog has come as I am sure I have caught the virus over the weekend and it is about to start overtaking my life making this blog possible.

Welcome to my blog, I hope you will enjoy reading it, and please be not afraid to catch the Possibler virus.