Story Spheres — the Art of Mindful Sketching

2015-10-18 14.06.59I always loved drawing, but I could never quite believe I would be good at graphic design until my daughter and I went to a workshop in Kingston. Kate from SketchBetter helped us open up our creativity channels via simple exercises, then led us through a guided meditation and then gave us clean sheets of paper with spheres drawn on them. The result of putting our emotions on paper, composing them in a sphere and giving a title to it was astonishing!

2015-10-20 10.21.19-1Not Allowing

by Olga

Not allowing bad things creep into your life

2015-10-20 10.21.32-1Balance of Freedom

By Vanda

Shows the gradual and sudden change of the shapes, spacing and lines of pattern.  Represents the change of feelings: from being restricted to being free.