Global Mindset – Where Can I Get One? (Part 2)

As promised in my previous post, here are some of my ideas on how to help employees develop global mindset.

But let’s define what, in fact, we are trying to achieve when we talk about global mindset. For me “global” does not only mean “geographically diverse”, it rather means open to the fact that there might be other ideas and many of them are not better or worse, they are just different. We can take this definition from the Financial Times Lexicon

We would define global mindset as one that combines an openness to and awareness of diversity across cultures and markets with a propensity and ability to see common patterns across countries and markets.

and think of how we can build step to help our leaders develop international mindset. Continue reading

Global Mindset — Where can I get one? (Part 1)

About two years ago I was mentoring a young Russian graduate, helping him with the process of applying for graduate trainees programmes at international companies.  Here is the question that he struggled with the most:

Success at Company X requires our employees to have global mindset. What makes you internationally aware and culturally sensitive?

A month ago I started talking to a rapidly growing IT business in Eastern Europe about possible leadership development interventions.  Developing Global Mindset in its leaders was the ultimate goal of the company executives.

How do young people develop it, so that they can prove the graduate recruiter that they have it?


Can senior leaders develop it?  Should they? How? Continue reading