Bicultural — how do we get there?

Yesterday I heard a comment about a friend of mine:

She is not only bilingual, she is totally bicultural.  When I spoke in Russian to her she sounded and acted very natural; then I observed her in the conversation with a British business partner of mine and she looked and sounded very different, but the partner then said that she was fully British in the way she acted”.

How do we achieve this level of biculturalism? Continue reading

Story Spheres — the Art of Mindful Sketching

2015-10-18 14.06.59I always loved drawing, but I could never quite believe I would be good at graphic design until my daughter and I went to a workshop in Kingston. Kate from SketchBetter helped us open up our creativity channels via simple exercises, then led us through a guided meditation and then gave us clean sheets of paper with spheres drawn on them. The result of putting our emotions on paper, composing them in a sphere and giving a title to it was astonishing!

2015-10-20 10.21.19-1Not Allowing

by Olga

Not allowing bad things creep into your life

2015-10-20 10.21.32-1Balance of Freedom

By Vanda

Shows the gradual and sudden change of the shapes, spacing and lines of pattern.  Represents the change of feelings: from being restricted to being free.

Never assume that the world rotates around you. There are many people out there in the new country who assume the opposite.

Meet Yana, an HR professional with a very rich history of well-known companies she worked for, and interesting geographies her adventurous attitude to life and work has taken her to.

She started in a Japanese company in Moscow, Russia, and then moved on to a big multinational. At some point, led by her husband’s enthusiasm for new places and the nature of her work (international mobility) she thought to try the mobility first hand herself. She was successfully recruited by a well known international industrial company in Luxemburg, and this is where her adventures began. She later moved yet for another job, in a well-known insurance company in Zurich, and recently the whole family moved to Canada to settle, where Yana immediately found a contract with another international insurance group. Her daughter started school in German (rather Swiss German) in Zurich, and now is swiftly switching into English and is already picking up French. We talk with Yana whether her adaptations to the new countries and jobs were as swift. Continue reading

Remain True to Yourself and Learn to Respect the Host Country Culture

Meet Maria (we agreed to change the name to preserve anonymity), an HR professional with close to 20 years of experience which started in one of the Big 4 consulting companies in Russia by giving her great exposure to a highly processed and organised international business and took her on projects to Russia, Ukraine and USA. Maria then went on to work for a small HR Consulting Boutique, where she was responsible for setting up all the processes herself and developing new business in parallel, she then joined a well known FMCG and worked for them for eight years before the job took her to Switzerland first and then to the UK. We met up with Maria in London to talk about her background, experience, and approaches to embracing change. Continue reading

Client’s Feedback

Olga is an insightful and skilful coach.

Her straight forward, yet kind and compassionate style, her ability to listen without judging and asking the questions that matter most make it easy to trust both her and the process.

In very little time she created a space that allowed me to reflect, question and challenge myself in a constructive and forward looking way.  She has helped me identify where I can add most value but also where my blind spots are and left me with practical ways of applying the outcomes to my professional and personal life.

I would recommend her to anyone looking for coaching.

Karin, entrepreneur

Chicken Gods and Opportunities.


Well, I hope you have not thought I would give you an instruction on how to look for needles really. I hope not.

What I wanted to share with you is my life long search for that needle and my latest revelation of how one can make this search successful.

But I will start with a story, as I often do.

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There is a Possibler in every single one of us!

I knew this phrase is going to start my blog for Coaching East West, when I heard it over this weekend at the celebration dedicated to the 35 years of business of a very successful event agency – @drpGroup.

35 years ago a young man, Dale Palmenter, decided to become an entrepreneur, he started by making films with his own camera. Today he employs 172 people and heads one of the most successful event agencies in the UK.

On a different occasion this phrase could have sounded cheesy to me, but not with drp Group. I have been their client and I know what they mean by it. All of their staff are infected with the #Possibler virus. And it does look like it is contagious. I definitely think so. And I believe that the time to start my blog has come as I am sure I have caught the virus over the weekend and it is about to start overtaking my life making this blog possible.

Welcome to my blog, I hope you will enjoy reading it, and please be not afraid to catch the Possibler virus.