Client’s Feedback (Coaching Circles)

pexels-photo-247708Initially I went into the coaching circles course quite sceptical in terms of how much it would help me, but I quickly realized that the sessions were not there to only benefit me, but the colleagues around me and how I can help them passively without impairing their personal thoughts and judgement. The issue being discussed didn’t always matter which made the coaching circle more approachable, as it was a means to facilitate a person’s thinking in a broad sense.

The first session I attended was a difficult one as I’d never given that much thought to my sentence/ questioning structure, which in hindsight, is significantly important in the workplace.

The sessions have definitely helped me personally, and I have noticed how the sessions have affected the way I approach issues. Ranging from noticing people’s body language, tone of voice, to how I ask simple questions in a way to aid the person I’m conversing with to provide the information I need from them without pressuring. I also started to notice which of my managers would ask open ended questions in this way and how they’d been helping me since I’d started find the answers to the tasks they’d assigned me without me realizing.

Olga – I really appreciate that you’d taken out the time to do this for us, and you’ve done a fantastic job at facilitating these sessions and hopefully!! I will have managed to take on-board aspects of our sessions. You always knew when there was sufficient information to drive the conversation forward, and when we needed more time to explore the situations to allow the person with the problem think their issues through before answering the next phase. I highly recommend this course and your facilitation of it to those types who are stubborn/ sceptical (like me!).

Thanks you so much Olga, and all the best in the future!


Graduate Trainee, Global Insurance Company

Client’s Feedback (Russian + English)

Когда осенью 2016 года, мы с Ольгой начали заниматься я знала слово «коучинг», но понимание того, что за этим стоит было поверхностное.

Коучинг-программа Ольги Климанович реально превзошла самые смелые мои ожидания. Каждая из 10 проведенных сессий давала импульс для размышлений о себе. На мой взгляд, познание себя – это самое важное в программе. Разбираясь с собой начинаешь лучше понимать других, учишься расширять свои возможности.

Любопытно, что кроме ответов на самые острые вопросы пришли решения для задач из других областей. Естественным путем, получается достигать результатов, которые заранее не планировались.

Это вдохновляет и дарит ощущение безграничных возможностей.

Дает силы заряжать и вдохновлять других людей.

Безусловно, коучинг – интереснейший инструмент для развития личности. Рекомендую эту программу всем, для кого важно быть довольным собой, своими решениями и поступками.

Ольга, спасибо за программу, за все правильные вопросы, активное слушание, профессионализм и терпение! Надеюсь, на продолжение нашего общения и дружбы )


Директор брендингового агентства.



(English Translation)

In autumn 2016 when we started my coaching programme with Olga I knew of the word «coaching», but had a shallow understanding of what was behind it.

Olga Klimanovich’s coaching programme has surpassed my most brave expectations. Every one of the ten sessions served as a new trigger for self-exploration. I think that self-discovery is the most important part of the programme. While discovering yourself you start understanding others better, learn to broaden your own opportunities.

Curiously enough alongside the answers to the most acute questions there came decisions for other areas too. It was a natural way of achieving results which you initially did not plan for. This inspires and provides a feeling of borderless opportunities. This gives strengths to engage and inspire others.

There is no doubt that coaching is one of the most interesting instruments for personal development. I would recommend this programme to all who values self-satisfaction, the feeling of being satisfied with your decisions and actions.

Olga, thank you for the programme, for the right questions, active listening, professionalism and patience! I am looking forward to continuation of our relationship and our friendship.


Director, Branding Agency



Client’s Feedback

So many years have gone by not really in vain but not effectively.

But this is how it has been before.  I am different now, I am changing.  I have realised what I have been doing before and how effective or not effective this has been.

Now I want to be more effective and more successful.  And I am moving in this direction.

Dmitry, Head of Sales Department

Столько лет прожито, не сказать что зря, а не эффективно.

Но так было раньше. Теперь я другой, я меняюсь. Я осознал что и как я делал раньше, насколько эффективным или не эффективным это было.

Теперь же я хочу быть более эффективным, более успешным. И я двигаюсь в этом направлении.

Дмитрий, начальник отдела продаж

Client’s Feedback

Olga is an insightful and skilful coach.

Her straight forward, yet kind and compassionate style, her ability to listen without judging and asking the questions that matter most make it easy to trust both her and the process.

In very little time she created a space that allowed me to reflect, question and challenge myself in a constructive and forward looking way.  She has helped me identify where I can add most value but also where my blind spots are and left me with practical ways of applying the outcomes to my professional and personal life.

I would recommend her to anyone looking for coaching.

Karin, entrepreneur