Why blogging for Coaching East West?

Every day I meet incredibly  interesting people who have tremendously interesting experiences in embracing (and sometimes fighting) change in the international environment. They are my friends, colleagues and clients. They share their stories with me. I learn a lot from them. We often talk about how great it would have been if people started sharing their journey of change and lessons learned. We often talk how such stories might have helped us. We often wish that someone wrote a blog on it.

I decided to become this someone and write up all of the stories that have already been shared with me and to look for new stories to share.

I also plan to share stories from my life and reflections on the books I find interesting, motivational, inspirational, or simply fun — I enjoy sharing life experiences.

Please join me in, read, reflect, share. Enjoy change as much I enjoy it. Enjoy it in the international context, it is difficult but thought provoking, it is frustrating but fun, it never stops, and makes us who we are, people living their lives in the world.

To find out more about Coaching East West and about what I do, please visit this page


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