Your team to help you on the path to your next role

I like this idea of putting a team together to help yourself on the path to the new role.

Achieving Your Potential Coaching

I really like the idea of having your own team to help you as you try new things. Pamela Mitchell’s book “The 10 Laws of Career Reinvention suggests friends like these would be a great team:
The master connector is a networking expert – someone with great connections who can put you in touch with others who may be able to help you.

The clued-in colleague is someone you’ve worked with, who knows your strengths and weaknesses and can discern whether an opportunity is a good match for you and your skills.

Warm ‘n’ fuzzy is a good friend who will catch you if you fall and can make you feel grounded in moments of despair.

The drill sergeant helps you get over yourself when you’re paralyzed by fear. They have no patience for excuses, but are nevertheless fully supportive.

The native is someone who knows the industry you…

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