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Still Pondering

I was in a new city; a city I had just begun to call home. With directions in hand and cautions to calm my nerves memorized, I put on my “I know what I’m doing” face, ignored my rapidly beating heart, and boarded the bus for this unknown place.

I had been warned that the bus might be hot and crowded so it was comforting to see only a dozen or so people on board initially, all local citizens, mostly male, and one American, me. I settled in for the long ride near the front and my heart beat returned to normal.

At the next stop a woman boarded and she sat down next to me. An empty bus, seats available everywhere, and she chose the seat next to mine. After smiling a “good morning” greeting to her, I turned to the window to process what had just happened. I chuckled. I wondered. I thought. I squirmed. I pondered some more…

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